Though available from links across the site, we've posted links to all of our instructional guides (PDF file format) here for easy access and download.


cover of lime plaster mixing guide - best practices

LimeStrong Artisan Plaster Mixing Guide

This guide provides an excellent process overview and details best practices for adding colorants and mixing LimeStrong Artisan plasters.

LimeStrong Artisan Mix Water Guide

This guide offers full-batch mix-water tables and an infographic-illustrated jobsite method for conistently pouring the right amount of water.

LimeStrong Artisan STONE Use Instructions

LimeStrong Stone is designed to create a medium-to-fine texture with a matte or slightly polished finish (depending on application technique).

LimeStrong Artisan SAND Use Instructions

LimeStrong Sand is designed to create a medium to heavy texture with a matte finish. It is ideal for replicating concrete, stone, and other coarse finishes.

LimeStrong Artisan MARBLE Use Instructions

LimeStrong Marble is the finest of our artisan grades, designed to be applied in successive thin coats to create a luminous, polished finish.


LimeStrong Tadelakt is a tight, water repellent plaster finish, typically used for wet area walls and backsplashes. For successful performance in wet areas, it must be applied and finished by an applicator skilled in the tadelakt technique.


A LimeStrong Tadelakt finish can be used over regular drywall in situations where walls will recieve only occasional splashing and not constant, heavy water (like in a shower). In other words, the dry-area tadelakt finish system detailed in this guide should be considered a decorative finish, not a functional one. It is considered to be water resistant, not water repellent.

LimeStrong TADELAKT CARE Guide

A single-sheet care and maintenance guide that can be emailed or printed and left behind with the owners of a tadelakt finish.

LimeStrong TADELAKT Disclaimer

A single-sheet document that points out the inherent inconsistencies often present in a tadelakt finish and outside of the control of the applicator. Includes an owner signature line that documents the fact that the undersigned was made aware of the possible inconsistenies and accepts them as part of the natural allure of the material and finish.

LimeStrong Artisan LIMEWASH Use Instructions

LimeStrong Limewash is a pure, mineral-based paint that provides a subtle matte finish with a soft and porous feel, integral to the surface onto which it is applied.

LimeStrong Artisan BASE Use Instructions

BASE is the coarsest of the LimeStrong Artisan plasters. It was developed to be used as a shaping basecoat foundation for our waterproof tadelakt system. LimeStrong Base can also be used as an exterior finish coat or as a rough interior finish coat (with some limitations).

LimeStrong Artisan TADELAKT Use Instructions

Understand that the burden to achieve a successful waterproof finish with LimeStrong Tadelakt is on the applicator and his or her knowledge and skill using the meticulous, multi-step tadelakt technique. You are required to read the disclaimer and accept the stipulations before buying and applying LimeStrong Tadelakt.

LimeStrong COLOR SYSTEM Use and Formulation Guide

The powdered pigments that make up the LimeStrong Color System were carefully selected to work with our LimeStrong plasters.

LimeStrong SOAP FINISH Instructions

A LimeStrong Soap Finish is optional, but will give the plaster a silky feeling and increase the stain resistance and wipe-abilty of the plaster.

LimeStrong Safety Precautions

LimeStrong plasters contain hydrated (slaked) lime, which, because of a high pH, is somewhat caustic. Breathing the powder dust can also cause respiratory irritation. Learn how to protect yourself.

LimeStrong SDS (GHS Format) 2018

This Safety Data Sheet may be used to comply with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard 29 CFR 1910.1200.